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A.R. Schopp's Sons

A.R. Schopps Sons, Inc., is the largest supplier of organ pipes in the United States today. The company has been in business for a hundred and nine years, and four generations of the Schopp family have been involved in its operation.



A. R. Schopp's Sons continues to produce fine pipes, much as August Schopp did a century ago. Because the company's reputation has been built on the relentless effort to manufacture pipes of the highest quality, Schopp's flue and reed pipes are found in many significant instruments throughout the country.

In addition to producing stops traditionally found in most pipe organs, uncommon stops have also become common for the firm, including trompettes'en'chamade, orchestral reeds, full-length 32 foot reeds and open diapasons.

Today A. R. Schopp's sons is the supplier of choice for most organbuilders in the United States.

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