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Schantz Organ Company

Since 1873 a builder of distinguished pipe organs for churches, schools, public spaces, and residences - instruments known for artistry, reliability, and adaptability.



The Schantz Organ Company is, in reality, a number of workshops housed under the same roof. Component parts of the pipe organ are constructed in various departments and are then assembled in our three-story assembly room. Located on the same site since 1901, our facilities have grown to match our need for space as the firm has grown.
Numerous additions have been made to the original 1901 structure. The most recent, a three-story assembly room was completed in 1993. Nearly every component part of a Schantz organ is built and tested in our workshop on the corner of Oak and Walnut Streets. Old world craftsmanship combines with modern techniques under one roof to produce instruments that, like our shop, are one of a kind.

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